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The Brand Vault was created by me, Chico Irvin also the CEO of this upcoming shoe brand company which is still in its early stages of development but I'm very excited as well as my team that has truly been loyal to this company since the day we started this project and I would like to give thanks to brilliant members as always. Furthermore, this website was built to allow people all over the world to see the shoe designs for men and women that might fit your style but trust me when I say we are working very to deliver what you're looking for with a hundred percent leather made straight from Italy which The Brand Vault collaborated with one of the biggest leather shoes company in the world. Also if you find a pair of designed shoes that you admire, Once purchased it comes with free shipping and handling along with a coupon that will take 20 to 30 percent off of your purchase so we hope that you will love the bonafide shoe designs that will soon be right here waiting on you in The Brand Vault.
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